NateoOrb - FAQs

Find out more about prerequisites, use cases and your way into the modern world of NateoOrb.


Here, please find a selection of questions we have been asked about NateoOrb in the past that might also be of interest for you:

We already have several IT systems. How will NateoOrb fit in?
What do I need to bring to the table to be successful with NateoOrb?
I am still not sure, what NateoOrb really is and if it suits me well!
What will the effort of my team and myself be to get started?
I have no more than one small idea of what to automate. Does NateoOrb make sense?
NateoOrb is a cloud system. How will our machines be connected?
Can external people, who are not enrolled to NateoOrb work with the system as well?
In a running NateoOrb installation, how do I modify a funcionality if needed?
Who will administer NateoOrb?
What makes NateoOrb superior to other systems?
What kind of data will NateoOrb store and where?
Can we use NateoOrb in the field - outside of the company facility?
Any requirements for the phone / tablet / pc we use?

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