Powerful Operations Management

Shift your individual operation methods onto mobile devices!

Let your team scan QR codes, generate data, be informed and adhere to workflows.

No standard solution! You have your own production techniques. We make them smart.

All on mobiles and browsers. Access from everywhere. No software management.

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You define workflows, events, dashboards, and evaluations. From simple actions to complex procedures.

Use mobile devices to drive workflows via QR codes, voice commands, lean user interfaces, and much more.

Initiate events, messages, alerts - you have the overview and full control right in your pocket!

Define what you want to happen: Emails, push notifications, dashboards, tables, exports, forms - anything a computer can do.

You do not need to configure any of it yourself! Our proven interview procedure will enable us to do that for you.

This is Industry 4.0 - You have the ideas, NateoOrb will bring them to life!

See NateoOrb in real life!

NateoOrb is your individual Swiss Knife - there are no limits to your ideas!

How NateoOrb works

NateoOrb runs in regular browsers, and on mobile devices there is a powerful app.

No need to install / manage software. Your IT department will be involved only for access to your existing IT (e.g. querying information about orders, material, procedures, or send data).

NateoOrb brings QR-Codes, NFC tags, voice commands and more to your work space. Monitor production from everywhere.

Get full transparency and control! Save time and money by raising efficiency to a modern level!

Learn more: NateoOrb FAQs

Where to start

Starting with NateoOrb is easy. And it is free! No credit card or contract before things are running!

You do not need to install / configure much. We will guide you through. See our quick online demo to learn how easily you can ramp up:

NateoOrb Demo

Your first step today: Book your free online consultation with one of our application specialists to learn more:

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Once things are up and running, NateoOrb comes by a monthly fee based on flexible packages with fair pricing.

See pricing overview: Pricing

QR Codes

Stick them everywhere!
At the machines, material shelfs, the printer, the coffee bar: QR-codes are reliable, cheap, flexible, and secure - if done the right way.

Quick and easy

Edit, select, scan, record...
You spend no more than a few seconds in the NateoOrb app to generate data, get informed, and trigger progress.

Individual Features

You define the feature set to your needs!
The NateoOrb app looks different for each user group in your team.

Modern Technology

Industry 4.0 the easy way
The technology you need is already in your pocket. NateoOrb will add the missing pieces.

NateoOrb is Your
Way to the Cloud!

Learn more and make the best of it!
Start your journey today!

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